Town Updates

We often partner with organizations, town departments, local businesses, schools, and residents on prevention initiatives that help to keep our kids safe and our community healthy. Together, we’re making progress!

We’re proud to share updates on the collaborative work that is being done in Wethersfield to support our coalition’s prevention goals.

Wethersield Ordinance Update | 03.26.24

No Smoking or Vaping in Town Recreational or Public Spaces

In order to promote the health, safety, and welfare of all persons in our town, Wethersfield has by prohibiting smoking and the use of any tobacco or cannabis products at all town-owned and town-operated recreation areas.

Each infraction equals a $50 fine, making a bad habit even worse!

Seeing signs of healthy change?

Please share information about recent town-wide prevention initiatives, safety or public health-related services that will help our community + kids!

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