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For Our Future

For Our Future

As a diverse coalition focused on prevention & health, we are helping to make a future for Wethersfield that’s brighter than ever.

The choices our kids make today will follow them into tomorrow. Through community-based education and support, We.H.O.P.E. empowers them to make sure those choices are positive ones.



Wethersfield Helping Others through Prevention & Education

We provide the prevention resources that Wethersfield needs.

“Volunteering within our community allows me the opportunity to work within a collective group to positively impact the youth and families of Wethersfield.

– Pam Harrison, School Psychologist

“I joined We.H.O.P.E. to advocate for youth and support the young people of Wethersfield both in the library and in the greater community. ”

– Sarah Briggs, Teen Librarian at the Wethersfield Library

“Wethersfield brings a wide variety of community members together to create a safe and healthy environment of growth dedicated to empowerment.”

– Allison Nadeau, Community Member

“I am a proud We.H.O.P.E. volunteer because I can help people and keep our community informed about youth alcohol usage”

– Erin Clark, Class of 2022

Raise Your Hand and Get Involved

Volunteers are always welcome! There are so many opportunities for residents to get involved in our community. Contact us or give us a call at 860.721.2880. Let’s make a difference together!