Creating a healthier tomorrow, today.

We all have a hand in protecting our community’s youth. It’s our collective duty to empower their ability to make better choices.

We.H.O.P.E. was created to strengthen our town by providing specific resources based on current data and trends. We all benefit from a healthier environment for our youth.

We bring all types of people together through:

  • Community outreach

  • Monthly member meetings

  • Fundraising for YAB-IT scholarship and camperships

  • Monthly meetings with community youth for educational and personal development activities

  • Collaborate with school district to hold office hours for students at school

Currently in development:

  • Collecting and analyzing youth needs data
  • Collaboration with the community and parents
  • Community prevention campaigns
  • Positive youth development programs
  • Community Training/Education opportunities
  • Participating in community events
  • Presentations on youth data for parents and stakeholders
  • Collaboration with the local police department for youth development events
  • Assist parents in prevention planning and strengthen the family bonds

Raise your hand and get involved